AFC Doctors Express & AFC Partnership

AFC Doctors Express & AFC Partnership

The largest urgent care franchise in the United States, AFC Doctors Express has joined with American Family Care to further expand its exceptional accessible primary care, urgent care, minor emergency treatment and occupational medicine. Based in Birmingham, Alabama, American Family Care (AFC) enjoys a national reputation for delivering the highest levels of patient satisfaction in a broad range of medical services.

Together, AFC Doctors Express is the second largest privately owned urgent care operator in the country and able to extend a greater range of family and urgent care medical services in the most caring, convenient and affordable way possible.

When you visit your local AFC Doctors Express center in the near future you will notice the AFC red cross showing up alongside AFC Doctors Express in various places. You’ll receive the same careful attention from the professional medical staff, local owners and managers you’ve come to trust – plus some added services and conveniences that will make it even easier to get “The Right Care. Right Now.”

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