Many episodes of cough are benign, short-lived, and self-resolving….so how do you know when the time is right to go and get evaluated by a doctor?  And where do you go?

Ideally, when we are ill, we are able to see our primary care physicians for assessment and treatment.  When possible, it is always advisable to maintain continuity of care by following up with our own Internists, and we at AFC Doctors Express Waltham Urgent Care advise that you seek treatment with your own primary care physicians as a first choice.  Sometimes, however, that isn’t possible… your own doctor is booked up, on vacation, or his/her availability doesn’t fit your schedule.

This might be exactly the situation where AFC Doctors Express is the perfect alternative.  Without needing to book an appointment, and on a walk-in basis, you can be seen at our facility by a board-certifiedER Physician.  You will have the ability to be seen and evaluated, with imaging studies performed if needed, and promptly treated.

For those with cough greater than one week, or those with fever or productive cough, or other associated symptoms such as stuffy/runny nose and/or sore throat, you can be evaluated promptly at our Urgent Care Clinic.  Smokers, and those with mild asthma or emphysema, should be seen sooner as these conditions are more likely to be complicated by respiratory compromise, sometimes requiring inhaler or nebulizer treatment, and/or antibiotics.  These types of problems can also be handled at our Urgent Care Clinic.

Individuals with more severe respiratory disease, such as individuals with 02-dependence or chronic steroid dependence, or those with severe shortness of breath or chest pain, sweating, or lightheadedness should consider prompt evaluation in an Emergency Department.

AFC Doctors Express Waltham Urgent Care is open every day from 8am to 8pm to treat and assess your cough. No appointment or referral needed.

By Dr. Leslie Cioffi

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