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  • 6 Facts about the Seasonal Flu Vaccine

    It’s that time of the year when the weather begins to cool down and the kids are heading back to school, but have you remembered to get your annual seasonal flu shot? If you haven’t done so yet, then we suggest that you put that on your check list in the next couple of weeks! […]

  • Eat This, Not That: What’s In Your Fridge?

    We don’t know about you, but sometimes it seems like unhealthy temptations lurk around every corner! Whether it’s a whipped cream smothered coffee drink or a savory fried dinner option, making healthy lifestyle choices can be a challenge! At the same time, we are also bombarded by new health and lifestyle fads at every turn. […]

  • Back to School: Staying Healthy In and Out of the Classroom

    Kids spend more time at school during the year than anywhere else, and while every parent knows the back to school season is filled with shopping excursions, new school supplies and other preparations, there is one other important thing many people forget. It’s time to make your children’s health part of your back to school […]

  • Safety Tips: Protecting Your Family at The Pool

    Nothing feels better on a hot summer day than a dip in the pool. It’s a great way to keep kids — and parents! — occupied and happy. And while no one wants a damper on their fun, it is important to remember that pools can be dangerous places. While most trips to the pool […]

  • Swimmer’s Ear Symptoms

    If you’ve recently done a lot of swimming and you are starting to feel some discomfort in your ear, there is a possibility that you may be suffering from swimmer’s ear. Swimmer’s Ear, caused by moisture built-up inside the ear, is an inflammation of the ear canal. Contrary to popular belief, swimmer’s ear isn’t only […]

  • Sunburn Treatments

    The heat is turning up outside and the sun is at its strongest meaning we are at higher risks of getting a sunburn while enjoying our outdoor activities. Ideally, you should apply sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher before going outside. Mistakes can happen and sometimes you forget that you need to reapply […]

  • Dehydration Symptoms & Treatment

    It’s important that with the summer heat coming, you should keep yourself hydrated at all times! Lacking the appropriate amount of water in your body can result in dehydration and if not treated properly, can lead to death. Water is essential in your body because it balances your temperature so that you don’t overheat. Your […]

  • Heat Exhaustion – Drink Your Fluids!

    Now that summer is just around the corner, it’s time you learned some information on heat exhaustion and how you can prevent it from happening to you! Heat exhaustion occurs when your body basically becomes too hot. If you are properly hydrated, then your body cools off by sweating. However, if you are dehydrated and […]

  • MERS: Middle East Respiratory Syndrome

    Lately, there has been significant media coverage about a virus called “MERS,” which is an acronym for Middle East Respiratory Syndrome.  Similar in structure to the virus that causes the common cold, MERS is a rare coronavirus that can cause a respiratory illness in humans and animals, but it causes a very severe illness and […]

  • AFC Doctors Express Waltham is a Nationally Registered Medical Examiner

    Beginning on May 21st, physicians who perform DOT physicals must be registered as a registered medical examiner with the Registry of Certified Medical Examiners. The program was set up by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and requires those who require DOT physicals to visit a physician on the registry. AFC Doctors Express Urgent Care […]

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