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Doctors Express News

  • Patients in Newton MA Love Us!

    Recently a patient from right down the street in Newton, MA visited our location. This particular individual had two issues that were resolved professionally and efficiently. Here is what the particular individual stated about their overall experience: “Two fantastic experiences – so much better than an emergency room with better competency in my opinion. Very […]

  • Joint Pain Treatment

    Joint pain is something many people suffer from, especially as we get older.  The feeling of stiff and sore joints prevents many people from doing the daily activities they love.  Joint pain can be caused by a variety of different problems.  The issues can range from easily treatable to more difficult to treat.  Self-diagnosing can […]

  • Back Pain Diagnosis & Treatment

    Now that spring is here, many people are in spring cleaning mode.  This means moving boxes around and the possibility of a back injury.  Lifting heavy objects puts a lot of strain on our bodies and many times we end up working too hard, resulting in back pain.  If you know this feeling you know […]

  • Summer Camp Physicals

    AFC Doctors Express in Waltham, MA, would like to invite all future campers to come in for a quick physical exam.  Most summer camps require their campers to provide a recent exam, so do not let it slip your mind and miss out on the summer fun because of a formality. At AFC Doctors Express […]

  • Pneumonia

    Pneumonia is a lung infection which can make you very sick. Pneumonia symptoms are coughing, fever, and difficulty breathing. Illness can be mild or severe. Those prone to severe illness include the elderly, babies, and those who may have other conditions. Diagnosis includes an examination and a chest x-ray and blood test if necessary. Pneumonia […]

  • Spring Break Aftermath: Illness or Injury

    Spring Break is over and there is nothing to do but face those back to school blues.  To make matters worse you may have come back from break with an illness or injury.  Whether you got a food borne illness while away or caught a nasty cold on a plane or train ride back, coming […]

  • Seasonal Allergies

    If you suffer from seasonal allergies, you know how aggravating this condition can be. Whether your allergies are severe or mild, a runny nose, watery eyes, and a constant sneeze can get in the way of many daily activities. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to treat seasonal allergies, including medication and allergy shots. Understanding […]

  • Sinusitis (Sinus Infection)

    The inflammation of the tissue in the sinuses is referred to as Sinusitis. Infection can occur when the sinuses are blocked and germs begin to grow. Symptoms of sinusitis include stuffiness, runny nose, congestion, and a tenderness in the face. Diagnosis includes an examination by a physician and tests, if necessary. The physician may apply […]

  • Give your Valentine flowers…not an STD

    We know it’s a sensitive topic but, Valentine’s Day may be the perfect day to be reminded that taking care of your sexual health is extremely important – not only for you but also for your partner. Here are some alarming statistics that may hit you harder than cupid’s arrow: There are more than 19 […]

  • Bronchitis

    Bronchitis is a respiratory disease which causes inflammation of the bronchial passages inside the lungs. When these passages become inflated, the airways become restricted and shut off which can cause coughing and breathlessness. Bronchitis can be classified as acute or chronic. Acute bronchitis can last about a week. Chronic bronchitis can last months and return […]