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  • Urgent Care vs Emergency Care


    When you’re injured or not feeling well, it’s hard to determine if your condition is appropriate for the Emergency Room or if you should go to your local Urgent Care. If your ailment is a potentially life-threatening situation, such as chest pain, severe shortness of breath, major head trauma, or a sudden and severe pain, [...]

  • What is HEV-68 and should you be worried about it?


    Over the past two weeks, you have likely noticed the media blast regarding patients in the Midwest infected with a virus called HEV-68.  “HEV-68” stands for “Human Enteorvirus-68,” and this virus has infected over 1,000 patients in 10 states. HEV-68 was first identified in 1962, and there have been several outbreak clusters since that time. [...]

  • Fruits and Vegetables: Which Ones Are Superfoods and Why It Matters!


    An extra 10 pounds, days spent tired and listless or just an overall sense of ickiness is often what makes people take a step back and consider what’s going on health-wise with their bodies. Simple solutions are often the best when it comes to general health, and one thing that tops the list when seeking [...]

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